Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Evening Home to Seattle Row Quilt

Last summer I was in Washington state visiting my mother, sister and her family and my husband, daughter and grandson also came to visit, as it was my mom's 90th birthday celebration. Sadly she passed away only 2 months after our visit there.

While we were there, my sister, her youngest son, my daughter, grandson and myself took the ferry to Seattle. We walked all over Pike Place Market and a short distance from there is a quilt shop called Undercover Quilts on Virginia Street. I was collecting the Row-by-Row Experience free patterns on our trip, and picked up the pattern for this Seattle Skyline row quilt, called Evening Home to Seattle. I could have purchased the kit for $50, but since I had so much fabric, I just got the free pattern. But I did purchase some other patterns while I was there.

Well as you can see from this quilt there was a lot of teeny tiny cutting on these applique pieces, like the windows! So I traced on the fusible side (thinking I needed to reverse the scene) with a Sharpie marker. When I pressed it to the wrong side of fabric the markers lines stay and it is much easier to cut out those tiny pieces without the paper in the way. Well after I got it all cut and fused, I realized I had a mirror image of the pattern and so the Space Needle should be on the left and Mt. Rainier on the right! Oh well, I couldn't have cut from the paper side without the paper eventually falling off and my lines with it. So those of you who look at this quilt and think something looks odd, well there you go my goof! Still it did turn out looking nice in spite of my goof.

My daughter claimed this quilt for herself even before I chose any fabric for it. Of course I had planned on making and giving it to her anyway. She is a native Washingtonian.

This is how the quilt is supposed have looked with the Space Needle on the left and Mt. Rainier on the right. Mine is opposite. 

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  1. This is a beautiful keepsake of your trip and one of your final visits with you mom. I'm sorry to hear of her passing.. but at 90, I'm sure she led a full life. :)

  2. I love it, Daryl. The quilting you did on it is really nice. So sorry about your Mom but how fortunate to have been with her to celebrate her 90th birthday.

  3. This is amazing and beautiful! You did a fantastic job. I am so sorry about your mom!

  4. Hi Daryl,
    What a fabulous quilt and even more the back story. We would never have given it a thought if you hadn't told us it was 'wrong.' It is different that the original but these are crafts and individual license is encouraged. Your daughter will treasure it even more knowing all the love that went into it and who was with her when you purchased it. {{Hugs}} I'm sorry about your mom but so thrilled you got to celebrate 90 years - many, many people far way short of that. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I'm so sorry about your mom! It's hard no matter her age. The little quilt is lovely, but I would definitely have given up at the cutting stage. All those tiny pieces!

  6. Your family visit to Washington and your mom was perfectly timed. My condolences dear. I actually love that you finished your Row-by-row quilt even though it is right to left. You are tenacious for tracing and cutting all those little pieces. Well Done Dear...<3

  7. It's a lovely quilt, Daryl, despite the "switch". I like to think of it as you having some kind of power to move mountains... LOL!

  8. this is so amazing you did a fantastic job and the detail is just lovely. I can see that this took a lot of time to make. I love the idea of a skyline wall hanging as well its very dramatic with your simple color choices. Great job and your daughter is lucky you are so creative and generous.


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